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High School Guidance

 Melissa Schultz, Counselor, Students Last Name A-K           

Quez Prinwood, Counselor, Students Last Name L-Z 

Seniors in the College Application Process: 
If you are currently involved in the college application process or soon will be, please take a look at the attached sheet with some important College Application reminders and instructions found here.

Also, while in the college application process, you may come across unfamiliar terminology.  If so, check out this "College Admission Glossary...Learn the Lingo" from College Board found here


Are you applying to colleges that require you to use the Common App? 

Over 900 colleges and universities are now requiring the use of the Common App.  This saves you time because you only have to complete one application (and possibly some extra items for your particular school) as opposed to completing multiple applications. There is a Common Application link available to the right.   You will need to create an account on Common App before being able to proceed.  A word to the sure that you enter your counselor's correct email (see above) in order for them to be able to process their part of your application. Please check out this "Guide to the Common App" document full of info to help you in this process.



Are you a senior looking for opportunities after high school and college may not be a part of your plan?  Many companies around Lima are looking to fill apprenticeship positions for next year.


What is an apprenticeship?  An apprenticeship is a program where a company hires a worker who, quite possibly, has no training in that particular field but has an interest.  The worker receives specialized on-the-job training from the company, which could also involve receiving free college as part of the training.  In return, the worker signs a contract requiring them to work for the company for a specified amount of time.  If this sounds like an opportunity you may be interested in, please see your counselor for more information.